Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Hedge Fund Masters: The Dr. Ari Kiev Interview
Dr. Kiev: There are a number of them, I talk about in my book, but things like Yoga, muscle relaxation, deep breathing, tensing your muscles and relaxing them, focusing on your breathing gradually gets you into that relaxed state. If you practice Yoga or some such discipline, the more you will notice your thoughts and let them pass so you aren’t reacting to the world through the lens of your ever constant conversation of your mind. We are always thinking, and somehow that is interfering with our ability to see how things really are. A master trader is really in a centered state and is able to see the movement of the market, the movement of stocks, without becoming reactive to it. Therefore he has better capacity to see what is really going on and he is not letting his own wishes influence the way he is perceiving things.